It is important to understand what all your choices are when it comes to selling your property. If done wrong, your headache increases as your cash and time fly out the door. Our staff will work with you to keep you happy and on the right track to selling your home within your desired timeline. We are here to help you feel much more educated about the best path to go when seeking to sell your house fast.


  Working Through Joe Homebuyer Working Through an Agent
Commissions  NO commissions No fees Approximately 6% of your final sale will go to your agent.  
Who Pays Closing?  We do! 100% of the closing costs are covered by us Be prepared to designate about 2% of your final sale price to go toward closing costs
Inspection & Financing Contingency  Our cash sales do not require financing Yes, and be prepared because 15% of sales fall through 
Appraisal Required?  No –  Cash sale does not require appraisal Yes, if your buyer is using financing, the lender will require an appraisal before signing off and completing the sale
Average Days Until Closing  7.  As quick as 7 days and always on the day that works for you best Average is around 60 days.  However, it could take months – there are no guarantees
Number of Showings Only 1 As many as it could take until your agent finds a willing buyer
Closing Date  Any day YOU DECIDE Usually 1 month after you accept an offer. You are responsible for insurance, liens, taxes, and utilities until the day of closing.
Who Pays For Repairs? We will take care of all fixes and necessary clean up This will be discussed between you and the buyer and will increase the timeline of the entire selling process

The Ideal Choice for Your Situation

There are advantages to listing your residence. You might list at a greater cost than we may provide, but there's not any guarantee you will come out with a higher walk away price in the end.

A Good Offer, and Quick Close

We provide a quality appointment and review of the home. After one vist we know what we can offer you and ensuring you can close quickly. No, that does not mean that you need to sacrifice a fantastic offer elsewhere. Our process saves you from the annoyance of having to cover a home you might no longer be utilizing, in addition to relieving you of your responsibilities to it instantly.

No Hidden Fees

We will not attempt to fool you in to paying our commissions, include prices for closure, or cause you to pay for repairs. We just take your home as-is. Since we are not real estate brokers, we will not need the fees that include being one.

Unique to You

With the numerous complications that come from life, we all know that all your scenarios will differ. We enjoy putting in additional work to make sure our process works for anyone in any amount of time crunch.